The project "In your bubble"

After 4 weeks of lockdown in New Zealand, I want to offer a way to preserve memories for people living in their own “bubble” in isolation. The purpose of this project to is to collect the bubbles all across Queenstown and share the memories of this exceptional time.


Feel free to share your own lockdown story if you want to!


You can be in front of your mail box, your front door, or your yard, with the people and animals with whom you are isolating with - whether that be your family members, roommates, flat mates, cats or dogs. You can also take any object you use the most during your lockdown, like your favourite book, puzzle, cellphone, a bottle of wine, your computer, your bike, even your PlayStation!

This project is a labour of love from a passionate Belgian photographer stuck in New Zealand who misses photographing people.

COVID-19 Free

I, as the photographer, will take your photo from the right social distance, without any contact, and will send the photo through email.

“Bubbles” Throughout The World

“In Your Bubble” has other names - “Porchtraits”, “Two Meters”, “It Will Be Fine”, “Front Door Project”, and other similar work all across the world :

Front Door Project

Minnesota Photographer - Dave Puante Serie

Belgian Photographer - Didier Vandenbosch

Want to participate?

Complete this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can to set up a meeting.


1. Copyright for all images captured for the project “in your bubble” is assigned to The Photographer.
2. The Clients are licensed to share and print the images you receive with your family and friends for personal use.
3. With permission from The Clients, The Photographer reserves the right to use these images within his portfolio and/or commercial and promotional use.
4. Images cannot be published online after being altered or having filters applied to in any way that misleads from The Photographer's original style.
5. Should an opportunity arise for your images to be used in commercial media (vendors, magazines, websites, posters, advertising, etc), permission must first be obtained from The Photographer.